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Omron CS1W-CN226 PLC programing cable pinout

interface: Sysmac to D-Sub 9 pins female
Hardware layer: RS232C
Software layer: Toolbus, SYSWAY
The pinout and pictures come from an original Omron CS1W-CN226 PLC programing cable.
omron CS1W-CN226 pinout
The pin numbers in the above drawing are represented in the pictures below (in case my number assignations on the Sysmac connector does not match the standards).
a. omron CS1W-CN226 DSub9 front view b. omron CS1W-CN226 DSub9 back view c. omron CS1W-CN226 Sysmac front view d. omron CS1W-CN226 Sysmac back view

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2 Responses to "Omron CS1W-CN226 PLC programing cable pinout"

  1. Rob says:

    The pinout in the top picture is wrong, the orange wires clearly go to 2 & 8 on the 9 pin d-sub and 4 & 10 on the DDK plug. Like wise the whites go to 3 & 7 on the d-sub and 8& 9 on the DDK. So 2 – 8 & 3 – 4 cannot be connected on the diagram.

    1. Claude says:

      Hell, you are totally right. Nice to see that someone is paying attention. :)
      I corrected the diagram
      Thank you.

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